Here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about ADxAD. Hopefully the answers we have provided will allow you to use our ad network without any problems. Contact us in case you have a question and cannot find an answer to it here.

  • General FAQs

    Why should I choose ADxAD Ad Network?

    Because we offer the best service and the most advanced technologies on the market.

    What is the time zone of the statistics?

    Our server time zone is UTC 0+.

    What are the conditions for working with ADXAD?

    You can collaborate with us as a legal entity or as a private person.

    What do I need to start working with you?

    You have to create an account in our system as a publisher or as an advertiser. You can also contact a member of our team so that we can help you further regarding any cooperation opportunity you have in mind.

    How can I get a personal acсount manager?

    Just contact us and we will appoint one of our managers to you.

  • Publishers' FAQs

    How can I start working with you as a publisher?

    You have to:
    1. Sign up here: https://pub.adxad.com/auth/register?lang=zh-cn
    2. Confirm your account via email.
    3. Login here: https://pub.adxad.com/auth?lang=zh-cn
    4. Create your ad spot.
    5. Wait till your spot is approved.
    6. Place the appropriate code on your website.

    What are the conditions for our site to join your network?

    We don't work with publishers with the following content on their websites:
    1. Child pornography, exploitation, rape, brutality, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, drugging, incapacitation, blood, mutilation, death, snuff;
    2. Malware/ tech support/ phishing;
    3. Piracy or stolen content.
    4. No-content websites or websites with overwhelming amount of ads.

    How much time does it take till my website is reviewed and moderated?

    Your website should be reviewed within 24 hours after being sumbitted.

    What ad formats do you offer for monetization of our traffic?

    Pops and banner are up and running right now. Stay tuned for push and video ads.

    May I use one widget for different sites?

    No. The widget should be located only on the site for which it was created.

    How can I withdraw funds from my balance?

    Please, contact your personal manager, so he could initiate the payout for you in case the minimum withdrawal sum was reached but the payout was not implemented automatically. The automatical system initiats the payouts weekly.

    Depending on the payment method you have chosen the minimum withdrawal sum is:
    - $20 for Paxum
    - $50 for Paypal
    - $1000 for Wire

    Which payment systems do you support?

    Wire, Paypal and Paxum.

    When will I receive my funds?(payment terms)

    We mostly work with weekly payouts, if other conditions are not committed.

  • Advetisers' FAQs

    How can I start working as an advertiser with you?

    First, register on the ADXAD ad Network, then top up your account, upload your creatives and links and launch your ad campaign.

    Which budget should I start with?

    The minimum budget we accept is 150 USD.

    How can I add funds to my balance?

    Please contact your personal manager. The appropriate credits will be provided to you within the shortest time.

    Which payment systems do you support?

    Wire, PayPal, ePayService, Paxum, Capitalist.

    What are the payment limits for Paypal?

    We accept only 150 USD payments via Paypal.

    When will the funds be added to my account?

    Within 24 hours after the funds will arrive on our side.

    How can I create and launch a campaign?

    Please, check it out here: https://adxad.com/help-trade

    Do you offer self-service or full-service?

    We offer you a full service at a monthly budget more than 5000 USD. If you monthly budget is less than 5000 USD, we recommend you a self-service.

    What are the targeting opportunities?

    We offer the following advanced targeting opportunities in our DSP:

    Operation system
    Device type
    Mobile carrier
    Black / White listing

    We will also offer a pretargeting as well as retargeting based on your own database any time soon.

    How can I create my own retargeting base? (coming soon)

    Please, add our tracking code on your landing page and mark the buttons with UTM; then send us an e-mail with a list of actions that are expected to be tracked.

    Do you work with direct publishers or with external SSPs?

    We currently work with direct publishers only.

    How does the frequency cap work in your system?

    It is times per creative/per user/per 24 hours. In case you keep the field blank, it will be determined as 99.

    Which creatives and landing pages are not allowed in your system?

    Prohibited materials (creatives/ landing pages) are:

    1. Child pornography, exploitation, rape, brutality, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, drugging, incapacitation, blood, mutilation, death, snuff.
    2. Misleading (cloaking).
    3. Creatives with no clickable link.
    4. The usage of malware, adware, spyware and similar content.
    5. "Tech support" offers.
    6. Landing pages/ creatives with piracy or stolen content.
    7. Illegal activities such as password stealing, hacking, illegal. gambling, drug trafficking, weapon handling, weapons sales, etc.

    Which pricing models do you have for selling traffic?

    We currently sell on CPM only.

    What is the minimum payment for buying your traffic?

    Minimum prepayment is $150.

    What are the payment terms?

    We work on prepayment only.

    What is the price for your traffic?

    Our price model is dynamical and depends on demand on the current time interval.

    What's the minimum bid?

    0.001 USD. The minimum step is also 0.001 USD.

    I have uploaded my creatives. How long does it take till my creatives are approved?

    We always approve creatives within 24 hours.

    Which tokens do you support?

    We support the following tokens:

    {User ID}
    {Impression ID}
    {Creative ID}
    {Creative name}
    {Campaign ID}
    {Campaign name}
    {Project ID}
    {Project name}
    {Site ID}
    {Partner ID}

    How does your postback system work?

    Each postback integration is quite unique. Please, contact your manager for establishing an integration with your tracker.

    Which ad formats are available in your trade desk?

    Various IAB banner formats and pops. Native ads as well as push are coming soon.

    What is the difference between Click URL and Offer URL?

    Click URL is the URL where the user will be sent to after clicking on your ad unit.
    Offer URL is the URL of the website you promote (for example: titanplusin.com, aliexpress.com).