Guideline for publishers

General rules

Publisher’s websites that contain any sexual content (images, texts, animations, etc.) with minors are prohibited

Publisher’s websites must not violate rules, law, intellectual property and privacy rights and must protect personal data and privacy laws.

Publisher’s websites can’t promote: use or sales of alcohol, drugs, ammunition or weapon; violence, abuse, incest, rape, blood, urination, bestiality; hacking content or any other illegal activity that violates the law

Publisher’s websites with limited content, under construction, containing too many ads are not allowed.

Usage of content regarding programs, which pay users for clicking on ads, reading e-mails etc., and tools that generate clicks or impressions are not permitted

Publishers aren’t allowed to

Use phrases like “visit this link”, “support us”, “click the ad” etc.

Use arrows and other graphic elements to draw attention to the ads

Spread any type of malware

Pay users for viewing ads or performing search

Send mass e-mails to promote sites

Display misleading images on ads

We constantly check all the websites on our network
In case the publishers do not follow the above-mentioned guidelines, we have the right to terminate the account without prior notification