Guideline for advertisers

General requirements
The ad creatives/landing pages should have:

No imitation of our site in any form (colors, layouts, template etc.)

No visual portrayal of sexual activity by people (real or imaginary) who are under 18 y.o.

No campaigns with underage (or lookalike) performers

No popunders or popups with automatic audio playback

No malware distribution

No JavaScript code opening pop-ups that appear on top of the user’s screen

No JavaScript that causes mobile vibration

No redirects to sites with domains like .accountant, .bid, .club, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party, .vpw, .review, .science, .trade, .uno, .webcam, .win, .xyz

No products with automatic downloads

No auto-redirects to mobile app stores

All files must not be bigger than 300 kB
All animated images and texts must be shown for 2 seconds minimum
JPG, PNG, GIF files are acceptable
All links/landings must open in a new window/tab

All ads considered to have a negative effect on our network can be paused at any time

All banners and landings can be paused if they violate copyright, patent, trademark, intellectual property laws

All banners and landings that copy any elements of the Specific Trademarks like Facebook, Tinder, Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. are not allowed

All illegal activities (hacking, password stealing, illegal gambling, drug/weapon trafficking) are not allowed

All creatives containing misleading; malware, spyware, adware; piracy or stolen content, “tech support” offers and creatives with no clickable links are prohibited

All ads have to get an approval before being published
Misleading ADS
All misleading or deceptive ads will be rejected
Ads and banners defined as misleading:

Aren’t related to the landing page

Contain misleading exit buttons (“x” icon, “cancel”, ”skip” buttons) and check boxes or drop down menus

Show fake virus alerts, calls/messages, video players

Imitate Microsoft Windows or mobile phone elements

Ask disclaimer questions like “are you 18+?”

Display words “illegal”, “banned”, “forbidden” (in any language)

Content rules
Young models

Advertisers should be able to provide IDs and 2257s if their ads display underage models. Child pornography is prohibited!


The phrase “Consult your doctor” must be displayed on landing pages. If you use branded names like Viagra, Cialis etc., words like “Generic”, “Like Viagra” etc. must be visible on the banner

Cartoon ads

Display of all Disney characters and underage characters (e.g. young Lisa Simpson, underage Bart) is prohibited


Promotion and images of drugs, alcohol and related attributes aren’t allowed

Prohibited acts

Rape, abuse, blood, violence, bestiality, extreme, crying, mutilation, death, brutality, torture, urination, incest, coprophilia, incapacitation, necrophilia are strictly prohibited