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  • Fresh traffic directly from

    No in-app traffic. Mobile web as well as desktop only.

  • Retargeting and pretargeting
    options (coming soon)

    Create your own retargeting database or use our data for your campaigns.

  • Easy-to-Pay, low prepayment

    $100 as a minimum prepayment.
    Pay via Wire, Paxum, Capitalist, Tether, Bank Cards, Webmoney. For other options ask your personal manager

  • Discounts for our
    partners' clients

    Get a 10% bonus for your deposit if you are a client of our partners.

  • Full-service or Self-service

    Manage your campaigns by yourself or leave it to us.

  • Personal Account
    Manager 24/7

    If you have any questions or problems, you can contact your personal manager 24/7.

We offer a wide range of ad formats

  • Pops

    Site-under landing pages or pop-unders remain hidden behind the main browsing window and are displayed after the browser is minimized or closed. Being CPM-based this ad format is the most popular among affiliates because of the best payouts.

  • Display banners

    You have an opportunity to choose between various banner sizes either for desktop or mobile devices. iFrame for HTML-banners as well as MP4 for outstream video ads are also supported.

    Desktop: 300x250, 728x90

    Mobile: 300x250, 300x100

  • Push notifications

    This ad format provides multiple benefits that will be able to amplify your advertising campaign in a matter of minutes.

  • Native ads

    Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the form and function of the publisher on which they appear.

  • Member Area Dating Clicks

    Clicks from all possible formats of Dating Partials Member Areas. Costly, though provide high conversion rate.

  • Tablinks

    Direct Links placed in the navigation Area of websites. They provide conversions as well as SEO optimization of the promoted website.

  • Video ads (coming soon)

    Advertise and monetize your brand through online games and videos, which are the main entertainment niches in the Internet.

Targeting available

  • Language

  • Operation system

  • Publisher ID

  • Browser

  • GEO

  • Device type

  • Mobile carrier

  • IP Range Targeting

  • Impression / Click Index Number

Pricing models

  • CPC

  • CPM

  • Flat Price

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